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The Legal 500 Country Comparative guide on employment and labour law

In this latest contribution to the Legal 500 Country Comparative Guide, Mrs. Edith Nordmann, Managing Partner at ACG International, not only shares her extensive knowledge but illuminates the critical nuances of Employment & Labour laws and regulations in The Netherlands.

This invaluable resource is tailored specifically for both employers and employees, offering them a roadmap through the complex legal landscape that impacts their daily operations and workplace rights. Understanding these laws is essential for navigating the challenges of the modern workplace, ensuring compliance, and fostering a harmonious work environment.

For those keen on staying informed and ahead in their respective fields, this chapter is a must-read. To secure your copy of the Netherlands chapter, reach out to us at, using “Legal500 – Netherlands Chapter” as your subject.

Dive into this comprehensive guide and empower yourself with the knowledge that can drive success and foster understanding in the ever-evolving world of work.



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