Recognise this?

You suddenly receive a letter – it shows that someone wants to take legal action against you. But what exactly is it and what should you do now?

In the “Do you recognise this?” section, we have listed the most common legal letters you may receive and problems you may face.

Check below to see if you recognise them!
What to do next is clearly stated in the article.

In practice, entrepreneurs receive less protection than consumers and need legal advice more quickly.
Being summoned (served personally by a bailiff or left in a closed envelope in your mailbox) is a serious matter. With the summons, you are taken to court by your counterparty
A conflict with an employee can run very high, resulting in a ruined working atmosphere. It can also increase absenteeism and costs a lot of time - and money.
Do you have a dispute with a company (e.g. your customer/supplier) and can't work it out together? Then you can present your dispute to a mediator or a judge.
If you have ordered and paid for certain services or goods, but they are not delivered, and your supplier (the one who is supposed to deliver these services or goods) does not respond to your reminders and requests, you can ask for our help.
At first glance, there seems to be no difference - they are both aimed at terminating a distribution agreement, but legally the concepts of 'termination' and 'dissolution' have completely different legal effects.
Dutch contract law is based on the principle that contracts concluded must be fulfilled. If you are unable to fulfil your obligations, this gives your business partner a number of rights