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TECH: Innovation, intellectual property, data and privacy.

TECH: Innovation, intellectual property, data and privacy.

ACG’s TECH section focuses on developers and their innovations.

Our technology service focuses specifically on the various technological stages, from the first concept to the final execution of the earnings model:

Concept development
Intellectual Property & Creation
To the market
Capture & keeping the value
Intellectual Property (IP), represents a substantial value within a company. In practice, many companies do not fully exploit the IP potential. This makes it easier for (potential) competitors to market a (almost) identical product and to compete with your product. ACG International helps in legal matters by protecting the creations of its clients.

Boost™ is ACG’s way of determining and capturing the value of intellectual property. This is called IP value capturing. Boost™ first organises the IP portfolio. Next, the IP value is converted into an increase in the total value of the company.

ACG International assists many technology companies and is aware of the commercial aspects to be able to conclude (complex) deals. We do this both at a national and international level. EULAs, cloud PSA and outsourcing transactions are part of our expertise.

We combine external legal knowledge with solid internal legal experience.


Due to the growing complexity and risks of processing personal data and the new European legislation, organizations need to improve their privacy management. This applies to both small and large organisations inside and outside Europe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will commence the 25th of May 2018. Penalties for non-compliance are high. Regrettably, the regulations are complicated. However, ACG is an absolute pioneer in data. We provide compliance programs to get companies GDPR compliant before May the 25th, 2018.

ACG goes further than that through data discovery. Would you as an organization want to visualise privacy risks in an early stage? Data Discovery is the best Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) method available. Data Discovery enables us to provide our customers with insight in the data they process. Compliance with European regulations is much easier when clients know what data they have in their systems. ACG is convinced that our clients will not experience GDPR repercussions due to the inadequate management and security of their data.

ACG is also in favour of Technology as a Service. As one of the few law firms, ACG uses legal information intelligence tools for purposes like discovery & litigation risk evaluations, cybercrime investigations and due diligence investigations.



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