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Conducting international business

Conducting international business

Your success relies on more than the right price and the quality of your product or service.

The Dutch have been an enterprising nation for centuries. Even as far back as the 17th century they dominated the European trade market and founded New Amsterdam which is now known as New York.

That trade spirit is still prevalent today! Many Dutch entrepreneurs and companies operate internationally. However doing business abroad does mean a different game and different rules. Ordinary things can be quite different in another country.

Therefore your success is not only relying on the right price and quality the preconditions must be well prepared and aligned as well.

What jurisdiction applies when you do business with a foreign party?

Generally speaking, professional contracting parties are free to come to any mutual agreements that suit them. They are usually also free to chose which jurisdiction applies to their agreement.
However there are complex treaties and regulations that apply when you are doing international business in Europe. For various so-called ‘nominated contracts’, such as agency and employment contracts, the freedom to make your own agreements is limited. Moreover: when you agree to an agency agreement that differs from the compulsory legal provisions, your agreements will NOT apply because they are “overruled” by the compulsory legal provisions.

Apart from that there are quite complex rules that apply when you import goods to the European Union (EU) from outside the EU area. E.g. customs, import duty, VAT and also requirements related to the product itself and the product liability of the importer for the product throughout the EU. It is therefore recommended to seek professional advice in these matters before you commence your international business. That way you can avoid unpleasant and costly mistakes.

What can ACG International mean for you?

Besides their own team of expert lawyers, ACG International also has a strong network of specialised experts that can assist you in more specific areas. More often than not the initial advice will be so enlightening that you will at least know what to look out for. This saves you a lot of trouble and costly mistakes

Apart from the EU countries, Switzerland, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA) we also have experience and a broad network in India and Israel. This allows us to give you quick personal support and service in these countries as well as the Netherlands.



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