A conversation with Edith Nordmann

Edith Nordmann is managing partner at ACG International. Prior to that she has worked for fifteen years as an attorney for international clients. In this interview we meet her.

Face masks and the fight against Corona

Part 1 – Is the employer liable if an employee gets infected with Corona at work?

The Dutch Government has still not introduced an obligation to wear face masks in order to be protected against Covid-19. In fact, while Amsterdam and Rotterdam announced a few weeks ago that they desperately wanted to introduce a legal requirement to wear face masks in busy public places, it has already been decided after 2 weeks to abolish the face mask obligation.

The Glove doesn’t Fit

Deliveroo: A transportation organization.

This conclusion was drawn by the Amsterdam District Court on 26 August 2019. This case can have significant wider implications beyond Deliveroo.

Employment within the European Union: do you know your social security rights?

European Union employees, who seek employment in another EU country, often underestimate the complexity of the EU social security system. Once you change the country of your residence, temporarily (even for five days) or forever, you and your dependents can only be covered by one social insurance system. However, the system of which country will it be?