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B20 Summit summarized for FD

B20 Summit summarized for FD

ACG International’s Managing Partner, Edith Nordmann, was approached by Het Financiële Dagblad (FD) to report on the B20 Summit in New Delhi. The article was published in today’s supplement of the FD.

As the Netherlands is not a permanent member of the G20 the Dutch delegates ofter are invited as a guest to the G20 meetings. This year, Edith Nordmann was invited to be the Dutch member of the Task Force Future of Work, Skilling and Mobility under the Business 20 (B20 of the G20 2023).

Edith Nordmann attended the B20 Summit meeting with approximately 100 esteemed professionals from around the world specialised in the filed of employment and has summarised the Summit in today’s FD supplement.

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