Doing Business in Israel

When Israel is mentioned, you probably think at first of Jerusalem, the religious centre for Christians, Muslims and Jews.

But Israel is much more than that and offers enormous business opportunities for entrepreneurs in various fields.

We highlight two that deserve special attention and are interesting for Dutch entrepreneurs:


Israel uses Cutting-Edge Technology  in Agriculture. As the world population grows, smart solutions for better agriculture and safer food storage are essential. Since 2004 R&D expenditure in Israel has accounted for 17% percent of the agricultural budget.

Some examples of the cutting edge agricultural technology:

  • Israeli drip and micro-irrigation solutions have rapidly spread worldwide. The newest models are self-cleaning and maintain uniform flow rate regardless of water quality and pressure.
  • Thermal imaging is used for water status mapping of crops, based upon the correlation between the water status of foliage and its temperature.
  • Netting of different colours is used for plant growth control
  • Breeding of beneficial insects and mites for biological pest control, bumblebees for natural pollination in greenhouses and open fields, and sterile fruit flies to control this major pest in fruit trees.
  • Generation and use of unique software to help producers grow fruits and vegetables, raise poultry and dairy cows, manage vineyards and make olive oil
  • Development of strains of potatoes that thrive in hot, dry climates, and can be irrigated by saltwater
  • Development of reusable plastic trays to collect dew from the air, reducing the water needed by crops or trees by up to 50 percent.

High-Tech and unicorns

In February 2022, Bloomberg reported over 1,000 unicorns globally and more than 500 of these companies became unicorns over the course of 2021 alone. Israel has more unicorns per capita than any other country, it accounts for 8% of the global unicorns, but for just 0,1% of the global population.

Israeli high-tech covers all spheres of life, from technologies that protect computers and smart phones, to digital medicine for innovative patient treatment.

Tel Aviv is renowned as the start-up hub.

Reason enough for Dutch companies to do business with and Israel!

ACG International has a partner office in Tel Aviv and will be pleased to help you prepare and support your business activities in Israel.

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