Rethinking Work Time: Legal Transformation in The Netherlands

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Chambers and Partners never misses out on thought leadership content from legal experts and the key stories driving the legal profession forward. In their latest Expert Focus publication ACG International’s Managing Partner, Mrs. Edith Nordmann examined the legal framework, key judgements, and their implications on the definition of ‘work time” within Dutch labour law. To […]

The Legal 500 Country Comparative guide on employment and labour law

The Legal 500 Country Comparative Guide offers a roadmap through the complex legal landscape that impacts the daily operations and workplace rights. Understanding these laws is essential for navigating the challenges of the modern workplace, ensuring compliance, and fostering a harmonious work environment.

Navigating the Waters of Director’s Personal Liability and Its Inheritance: A Legal Perspective

Personal liability for a company’s debts can now be inherited. A director’s personal liability for a company’s outstanding debts does not simply disappear on death. Instead, this responsibility is transferred to the director’s heir(s).
Strategic decision-making, transparency and the need for comprehensive legal and financial preparation are of great importance to anyone involved in or connected to the business sphere. Understanding these dynamics and preparing for their implications is crucial for both protection and forward planning.

B20 Summit – New Delhi 25-27 August 2023

This year, Edith Nordmann, ACG International’s Managing Partner, was invited to be the Dutch member of the Task Force Future of Work, Skilling and Mobility under the Business 20 (B20 (of the G20 2023)). Edith Nordmann attended the B20 Summit meeting with approximately 100 esteemed professionals from around the world specialised in the field of employment.

bunq-ruling & The Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act

The Prevention of Financing of Terrorism Act (Wwft) has a risk-based approach that requires institutions themselves to assess the relevant risks of a client and then put in place sufficient mitigating measures in return. Banks and financial institutions have armies of employees dealing with KYC and CDD on a daily basis. Where do you stand?